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VA EdTech Team Summit: Third Time’s a Charm

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It has been nearly one month since I attended the Virginia EdTech Team Summit featuring Google Apps for Education for the third year in a row.  Every year has proved rewarding in different ways with an incredible amount of information taken away.  Choosing a session during the summit is always a challenge when you know […]

Formative Assessment

Wizer Worksheets with Wizer.me

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Wizer: Blending Worksheets. Together. Wizer.me is a website designed to create and share online worksheets.  These aren’t just regular worksheets though, but, instead, are completely online with many different types of embed-able tasks and media (Image 1). Image 1   Not only can you embed the above tasks but you can also insert many different […]

Video in Education

EdPuzzle – Beneficial Videos in Class

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EdPuzzle is an awesome tool to use to flip the classroom or to provide additional support to students.  It can be used in the classroom or even in the training realm with great professional development videos that have attendees answer questions to ensure understanding as they proceed through the material.  Below are instructions/comments through a […]