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Update: Synergyse Training for Google Apps is now “G Suite Training

Word has begun spreading that Google has acquired Synergyse, a great training aid in the world of Google Apps.  Synergyse provides step-by-step in app training in nearly every Google Apps currently available (Features and Benefits).  If you are unfamiliar with Synergyse, please check out this YouTube Video and/or continue reading below.


    Synergyse is an add-on found in the Chrome Web Store that seamlessly integrates training in each of the Google Apps.  It can be acquired here.  For information on how to add a Chrome Web Store add-on to Google Chrome check out this video or this tutorial.


Once installed into your Chrome Browser you begin by simply by navigating to a Google Apps that currently has lessons within Synergyse.  These include all those pictured below:


Image from: https://www.synergyse.com/features/


You will notice near your username in the Google Apps a Synergyse icon,      Synergyse Icon.PNG            .

Selecting this icon will open up a side bar within the screen you’re currently in within Google Apps.



Selecting any of the play buttons will start that lesson (note: each triangle drop-down menu contains even more lessons).  Each lesson walks the participant through the selected feature asking them to participate at each step so that actively learning is taking place instead of sit-and-get style training.


All of this top-level training is now completely free thanks to Google and Synergyse.  I encourage all Google Apps users to expand their knowledge with this resource.  Be sure to show your students as well as their knowledge base can be grown exponentially with such training.  Teachers will also see a great time savings in the classroom by letting Synergyse “flip” their instruction of Google Apps.  They can now focus on the actual lesson and product the students are to produce.


Thank you to Synergyse for all of the great and consistently up-to-date content and to Google for making it FREE to all.





Patrick B. Hausammann, M.S. Ed.

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