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Embedding a Twitter Feed in Old Google Sites

Adding a Twitter feed to a Google site is super simple for a instructional technology professional, right?  Not 100% the case!  Google doesn’t have a direct gadget (this has since been added; steps below outline a different process) that can be used nor can you simply use an HTML box to add in your custom created Twitter feed widget.  What does one do when they don’t know the answer of how to make something work?  Of course!  You Google it!  With luck and some digging through results (and a solved glitch), a working Twitter feed is now embedding on my Endless Promise EdTech site!  Below I will walk you through the results I found and what worked for me!

  • This video posted by +Chantelle L Leavitt was a huge help to get the process started.  It does an excellent job of showing how to create a custom Twitter feed widget via your Twitter account.
  • I was presented with an error when I finished all of the steps to embed it into my Google site, “Unsupported feature: org.apache.shindig.common.xml.XmlException: The element type “meta” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “</meta>”. At: (8,5)”
  • Alas, it was back to the Google Search for a fix and site 2 from Hanover Norwich Schools.
  • This site’s step by step directions walked me through the process of embedding the widget on my Google site (Widget creation in Twitter wasn’t covered well, above video is reccomended for this) and also provides the need code for easy copy and pasting.  After creating your widget by using the YouTube video, start with Step 2 of these directions to get the code and needed .xml file saved.  Follow step 3 (uploading code as attachment to Google Site), step 4 (adding gagdet for custom feed to apecific area of Google site) and finally steps 5-6 to finish and customize the appearance of the widget.  Note: if you have issues with this on your business or Edu Google domain, use steps 7-11.
Another great site to check out for adding a custom Twitter feed to your Google site is http://monkeyraptor.johanpaul.net/2013/04/google-sites-embedding-twitter-timeline.html
With these two sites, success was achieved and it is my hope they can also help you with you custom Twitter feed widget endeavors with Google Sites!

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